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5. Political PLATFOrm- LOIS MYERS, city Council districT A



The 1 Voice For The PEOPLE with Real Solutions To Save Homes!


       for $ FAIR-SHARE to THE RESIDENTS of District A!



      & SUPPORT Prop B, for SAFETY and SECURITY !



As a resident of District A for 41 Years, combined with her professional credentials and moral integrity, Lois Myers is the most qualified Candidate for District A, and should have the greatest chance of winning the District A Seat this November 5, 2019.   Her background with regard to education, employment, values, and commitment to her Community reflect her superior positioning for this Election. Her largest recent contribution in service to her District has been her leadership role in fighting flooding in Houston.  

A 3-Time Flood Victim herself in the past 10 years,  in her home of 40 years that never flooded before, just like 1000 others in her area that are not in any Floodplain, Lois Myers has made it her “PhD” Study to find out why she & her neighbors have suddenly been flooded repeatedly, and has found real solutions to fix the flooding problems.  Additionally, in May 2018, she met with top engineers at USACE/Galveston & posted their Plan on how to fix flooding in Greater Houston (along with flawed engineering studies in this Area which led to faulty commercial construction, causing homes to be flooded) on USACE Form 7001 on their Website, which was submitted to ASA (Asst. Secretary of Army) in DC, and has been working with DC Legislators to incorporate it into US Congressional Bills, so that federal funding will be appropriated to fix Greater Houston’s flooding with proper engineering and construction.

Her professional history includes being a Small-Business Owner as a current Full-Time Broker-Realtor; a former Public School 12th Grade English Teacher; English SAT Tutor; English Instructor to oil company executives; part-time Substitute Teacher in SBISD (Spring Branch Independent School District) as well as private schools in Houston; a Million-Dollar-Producer Sales Manager 15 years in Houston for the only national, full-service, offshore oil/marine supply company working with Fortune 500 Accounts; employee of TX Oil Producing Co; and Writer. She supported on her own and raised 2 children who attended SBISD schools~ both now married~ and is the proud grandmother of 6 grandchildren~ all in the Houston area. 

With all her life experiences, being a long-time resident of District A, Lois Myers is well prepared to represent it on Houston City Council, as she knows and will conquer the challenges this District faces. Her political platform planks~ Fighting Flooding, Cleaning City Hall with Budget Transparency for More $ Fair-Share to the People of District A, and Ensuring Safety & Security with parity for pay & pension for Police & Firefighters~ reflect the 3 most important needs for this District. 

Top of the list is her desire to prevent flooding, particularly important in this District, because many of the flood-victims are in less affluent neighborhoods, where proper drainage has not been priority for the City.  Having attended numerous community flood meetings, Lois Myers is extremely knowledgeable about this issue, having spoken many times about it at City Council~ more than any other Candidate running for any City position.  She has proven herself to be a Leader in her Area by single-handedly taking on Houston’s Mayor & City Council, after her Flood #1 in 2009— butting heads with large companies who had reneged on putting in detention ponds for which they were obligated and under contract, but who had contributed to Mayoral & Council Member campaign funds.  Having led the charge, she won a victory at City Hall: a detention pond was built in the neighborhood, however small.   She attributes her victory to her persistence, her excellent negotiation skills as a Million-Dollars Sales Producer in the business world, as well as her communication skills as a former Senior High School English Teacher, and her close walk with God.  Her likelihood of winning over both sides of the aisle to her viewpoint is critical in this flooding issue, because she regards that if Flooding is not surmounted in Houston, corporations & businesses will not move here, and jobs will diminish, as will then home market-values.  Because, as she believes, Real Estate is not about bricks and mortar~ it is about Jobs: where the jobs are, people will go, and where the people go, houses will be in demand, keeping up property values, which will engender economic stability for the Community.  On the other hand, if the housing market is devaluated, so will crime increase~ and the quality of schools and neighborhoods will decline.

To surmount the #1 Problem in Houston and in District A~ which is flooding~ there must be proper local drainage regulations, which are enforced, and proper funding, which includes Budget Transparency to free up Tax Dollars in COH General Funds, which are being misused and should be allocated properly, as well as obtaining federal funding from US Congress for infrastructure reparation, of which Lois Myers knows the inter-workings with her liaisons at USACE/Galveston & DC Legislators in Congress.



Lois Dickson Myers

9701 Westview; Houston, TX 77055

Tel. 713-775-2443 &


Win Election, City of Houston Council District A 


Currently, Owner/Broker Energy Capital Realty, Houston, TX.

Former Million$ Producer as Sales Manager for national company in Houston, TX.

Former Public High School Senior English Teacher 

Former Employee of TX oil producing company

  Writing/Editorial Work,Utilizing Leadership Skills & Knowledge Gained from a Diversified Background, as well as Competitive-Spirit of Entrepreneur, Demonstrated in Developing & Managing Small Business Real Estate Company, having previously assisted other companies to  Achieve  Profitability.



1.  Former Candidate for new U.S. Congress District 36 (TX-R) for 9 Counties- (Sept 2011 -May 29, 2012) and Political Advocate for U.S. oil industry, to kick-start drilling across America to revive/restore the entire U.S. economy.

2. Broker/Owner of Real Estate Company in TX.

3. Property Manager of Private Estate; Home-Health Professional,  Family Background of MD's.

4. Top Sales Executive for a National Co Supplying Meat/Food; Institutional Kitchen/Galleyware; Industrial Technical/Hardware to Fortune 500 Companies with Domestic and International operations; Generated $1+Million/month Accounts.

5. Oil/Gas Industry Employee; Royalty Leases; Research/Mud-Drilling; Oilfield Sales; Commercial Real Estate Land-Site Selection; Writing Political Letters for TX Oil Producing Co.

6.  Business Acumen and Overall Comprehension of Various Private and Public Corporations, as well as Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies.

7.  Human Resources: Hiring, Training, Motivating Staff Workers to Raise Productivity.

8.  Superior Customer Service, Public Relations with Clients and Business Partners

9.  Innovative Creativity in Selling New products; Advertising Expertise for Quick & Repeat Sales

10.  Excellent Written and Verbal Communications Skills as a Teacher and Writer

11.  Strategic Planning/Scheduling;  Emergency and Flexible Multi-Task Capability

12. Certified Public School Teacher- English, Business; Tutor-College Board SAT’s English/Essays 


Work Experience

Energy Capital Realty (TX)- Residential Sales (Houston-based)                                        2006 to Present

English Teacher to Oil Co. Executives-Private program,U of Houston                                       2009-10 

Wrote and Taught Course on How to Improve Writing and Speaking Skills

Spring Branch Independent School District- Houston, TX     1998-99 & 2006-2015

Substitute Teacher – All Subjects Memorial Senior High School 

(Prior Sub. Teacher- River Oaks Baptist and St. John’s School- private schools/Houston)

Kansas Packing Co., Inc.- Elizabeth, NJ       1/1982-10/1996       (Co. sold in 10/1996)

US Gulf Coast Sales Manager (based in Houston) for wholesale, full-service, offshore oil & marine supply co.; also breaker/packer in meat industry. Initiated $1Million+/month accounts in oil/gas and heavy industrial/marine/offshore oil industry. 

Top Sales Producer to Fortune 500/1000 Companies: US Oil Corporations, such as Chevron/Texaco with divisions in Africa: $1Mil+/mo sales, and US oil firms in Indonesia by securing agents through Houston Indonesian Consulate.  Inaugurated countless other oil-related accounts, ranging from major US oil companies’ international and marine/tanker departments, offshore drilling and heavy-construction companies such as Bechtel, to barge-fleets of Brown & Root and Raymond International, geological seismic firms, and offshore rig and catering companies. US Government, including US Military accounts; US Government-service organizations as E-Systems & Raytheon; US State Department; Russian Embassy in Washington, DC; International Commercial Shipping Companies, and worldwide shipping agencies.  Public Relations Liaison on behalf of Kansas Packing Co. at the Port of Houston Authority; Represented the Company at US Navy Ship Christenings.

 Hamilton Energy Company-  Houston TX & Breckenridge, TX                                  1979-1982  (Co. closed)

Gained knowledge of U.S. oil industry from this prominent TX oil family; Worked with royalty oil leases; Sold oilfield equipment; obtained TX real estate broker license on behalf of this Co.; prepared research thesis to form a drilling-mud company; wrote political letters pro-U.S. oil to US Congressional Members.

 B & B Chemical Company ; Miami, FLA- Houston Sales Representative                                             1978-79

Sold heavy-industrial chemical cleaning products to major oil companies and oil-related industries, including refineries, railroads carrying oil & chemicals, barges, drilling rigs, and production oilfields.

Petroleum Club - Houston, TX                                                                                                                                              1978 Secretary to Gen Mgr of Petroleum Club (top of Exxon Building): Eric Worscheh 

 Former Senior English Teacher   for 4 years in Pennsylvania public high school                        1968-1972

Taught All Seniors in the school; wrote all 12th Gr Eng. Courses; Yearbook Advisor



Shippensburg University (PA)+ Post Graduate Courses Same University for Teacher Certification 

University of Houston (TX)- Post Graduate Real Estate Courses for Broker License

Shippensburg University- BA Degree English- 3.8 Academic Average

(Election to Kappa Delta Pi, National Honor Fraternity in Education)

Agnes Scott College- Atlanta, GA (transferred after 2 years)

Penn Hall Preparatory School- Chambersburg, PA- Valedictorian

The Holton-Arms School- Washington, DC

Teacher Certification in TX and PA: Secondary English

Teacher Certification in TX: Secondary Business Marketing

TX Real Estate Broker License and Loan Officer’s License

U.S. Civil Service Rating/Writing & Editing

Affiliations: Houston Association, Texas Association, National Association of Realtors;

Member/National Society of The Daughters of The American Revolution

Avocations: Political/Current Events, Biblical Studies, Traveling, Reading, Swimming, Walking

7. Personal Biography as related to political candidacy