FIGHT Flooding, Make Budget Transparent for OUR Fair-Share, Stop Crime





#1- Fight Flooding by Enforcing COH Drainage Regulations, & Make Developers Detain Their Own Rain Run-Off~ NOT Dump It into Our Homes!

Lois Tried to Warn City Council about Flooding & Predicted a Big Flood, Asked to Talk about Flooding on 8/15/17 with Mayor (See Photo), who Declined to Meet~  Then Harvey appeared on the horizon 1 WEEK LATER!

(See Video Replay of this in Section Below: "Speaking Numerous X's at Council in past 10 Yrs about Fixing Man-Made Flooding, Dist-A"!)

A 3-TIME Flood Victim in District-A in the past 10 yrs  who has lived here 40 years~ but never flooded before Reckless City/Developer Reconstruction embarked upon building next to Residential Subdivisions~ Lois has made it her "PhD" Study to find out WHY she & 1000 other Homeowners were suddenly being flooded, & conferred with Expert Engineers, working tirelessly~ often speaking before City Council~ on behalf of Residents about HOW to fix Flooding with REAL Solutions!  Please join her in leading this battle against Flooding in many Neighborhoods~ & onto VICTORY!


#2- Require COH Budget-Transparency, So District-A Residents Get Their $-Fair-Share, especially for drainage and flood-remediation that Lois has been fighting for~ advocating for many years at Houston City Council!


#3- Protect Our Neighborhoods Against Crime for Safety & Security! Lois wholeheartedly supports Parity for Equal Salary & Pensions for Firefighters & HPD, and wants more Officers in District-A, ensuring Firefighters & Police have the very best funding & resources to fight Drugs, Sex-Trafficking, & other dangers in Society bent on destroying our good families & homes!


Out Supporting Houston Firefighters!

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Please help Lois get elected to Houston City Council,  to support Prop B & get our Firefighters the Best Pay, Pension, & Equipment in the World, as THEY are The BEST!~ They deserve equal parity with our POLICEMEN, who also are The Best, of which we need more on the streets! 


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Lois on FOX 26 in April 2016~ Protecting our Neighborhoods Against Flooding


Fighting at City Council Nov 2017: Lack of Detention Causing Flooding in District-A


Speaking numerous X's at Council in past 10 Yrs about Fixing Man-Made Flooding, District-A

image16 , Click "Public Speakers" on Right, Move Cursor on bottom of TV Screen to 12 Min, 30 Sec  where Lois predicted more Flooding UNLESS COUNCIL made Developers build Detention Ponds to detain their Rain Run-Off ON THEIR OWN Sites!  But Mayor would not meet with her to discuss this.  Then 1 week later, Harvey rose on the Horizon!  There are dire consequences to Council's allowing Special Interest Groups to NOT pay for required detention~ Lois will help stop this, so there's HOPE to save our homes!

Advocating to Keep Residents From Flooding in District-A at City Council April 2019


Supporting "Residents Against Flooding" at Community Meeting Sept 2015




"I will Fight Flooding to Protect our Quality of Life & our Good Home Property Values!"

Lois met w. USACE/Galveston May 2018, submitted their Plan to Fix Houston Flooding, to ASA in DC


Conferring with Top Engineers USACE/Galveston in May 2018, & subsequently writing up their Plan, along with other engineering documentation provided by "Residents Against Flooding", to Fix Greater Houston Flooding on USACE Website Form 7001, Lois submitted it to ASA in DC for Congress to appoint/appropriate USACE to fix Houston's Flooding,  & collaborate  with City Council efforts. 

Even before 2013 , Lois has sought Budget Transparency to get Dist. A's $ Fair-Share for Drainage!


 At TIRZ 17 Board Mtg June 2013, Lois descried Developers NOT putting in 4 Detention Ponds promised in their 2003 Contract, thus caused 100s of homes to flood; she predicted more flooding, which came to pass 2015 & 2016!

    After the 1st of 3 Floods occurred in 2009~ caused by City/TIRZ 17 Commercial Developers' lack of detention ponds in specific places per their Contract of 2003~ 100's of surrounding homes flooded that never had before!  Lois fought hard to correct this drainage deficit, but Council did NOT listen~ Homes continued to flood.  (NOTE:  Homes N of IH-10 near TIRZ 17 were spared in Harvey, as only 6" of Rain fell here then~ a Miracle!~ because homes will now flood IF 8" Rainfall, which never used to be the standard here) .  However, TIRZ 17 should be using their own recollected Tax-$'s to build detention ponds on their OWN Sites to detain their own Rain Run-Off,  BUT Council, which has jurisdiction over all TIRZ's, is not requiring this! Therefore drainage projects, which City could use these tax dollars for OTHERWISE in Dist-A, are NOT happening, so Residents are being shorted their Fair-Share for CIP drainage projects! Misuse of COH Tax$s must cease, & there IS Hope:  If Lois is elected to Council, she will require Developers to comply with COH Detention Regulations & help implement more detention.

A Former Teacher, Lois knows the importance of Stopping Crime for Safe Schools & Neighborhoods!

A Former Teacher, Lois knows the importance of Stopping Crime for Safe Schools & Neighborhoods!


Besides increasing the Number of our HPD Officers in District-A, Citizens, Parents, & Schools can do a lot to prevent Crime~ particularly  in regard to gang violence, which is on the rise here!                                                      

A former Teacher & Single-Parent who raised 2 children in SBISD Schools, Lois knows, for starters, Parents play a big role in preventing crime~ and should spend quality time with their children, become involved with their school activities, know where their children are at at all times, and encourage good study habits and sports to build self-esteem.   

As your Council Member,  Lois will strive  to end Crime with Parent, School, & Police Participation~ raising Gang Awareness~ to make our Neighborhoods safe & secure!

SINGLE-MOM/REALTOR 40 YRS in DIST-A, Lois can make it great!

As a Realtor w/ H.A.R., Lois is dedicated to ending Flooding in District A, to preserve Home Values!


 After Harvey, Lois has seen the devastation wrought on Residential Property Values.  Real Estate is not so much about bricks & mortar, as it is about JOBS!~ Where the Jobs are, people will move & buy houses!, and Corporations will NOT move their offices to a City that Floods!~ So Again, Lois' goal is to surmount Flooding, in order to upgrade the values of our Homes!

The May 2015 #2 Flood Event


According to a recent news article, Flood Czar Costello said Houston is no better off now, in regard to Flood Control, than it was before Hurricane Harvey!  INEXCUSABLE!  Houston can do better than this!  Lois aims to push forward her goal of Zero-Tolerance for Flooding in District-A!

Lois spoke More Xs at Council, attended All TIRZ 17 & More Drainage Mtgs, than ANY other Candidate


Fighting at City Council numerous times in the past 10 YEARS, especially in past Yr, for Proper Drainage in District-A,  LOIS KNOWS THE ISSUES &, ONCE ON COUNCIL,  WILL BE ABLE TO DO EVEN MORE FOR YOU!

She has often emailed pertinent engineering data & drainage information to entire Council, & printed out Hard Copies of same.   In Photo, Lois is standing outside City Hall Chambers on 2nd Floor of City Hall, when she spoke to Council in Jan. 2013 against City Building Dept proposed building-law change, which Council later passed to INCREASE amount of building on EACH ACRE of ground BY 4 TIMES!!!,  BUT PWE, (which arbitrarily makes City's Drainage Laws, favoring the Developers, which We The People do NOT get to vote on) DID NOT INCREASE DRAINAGE REQUIREMENTS COMMENSURATELY BY EVEN 1 IOTA TO HANDLE THE RAIN RUN-OFF CAUSED BY SUCH INCREASED  BUILDING OF 4 TIMES MORE CEMENT!!!~ A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!!!  After Council passed this New Building Ordinance in Mar 2013, Developers went HOG WILD & about a yr later, Houston started having EPIC FLOODS EVERY YR! ~ Hmmmm...ANY WONDER?!?!?!?!

#1- Fight Flooding!


#2- Require Budget-Transparency for District-A's $Fair-Share!


#3- Stop Crime! for Safe Neighborhoods & Schools




What a privilege it is to run for political office in our Great Country and serve the People of  District-A in our Outstanding City of Houston! Won’t you join my campaign for City  Council? Volunteers are cherished!  With Much Gratitude, Lois